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"art of the midwest"

Second & Main, Brownville Nebraska
Open Fridays & Saturdays 11am-4:30pm
or by appointment call 816-210-3634

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Richard Hayek... artist, poet, and geographer, captures the realism and mood of the Midwest's landscapes through his art. He can be found traveling back roads or tramping along creek beds, impressing the scenes in his mind, relying on his senses to record an honest moment in natures' history. Back at his studio he transfers the scene onto the grain sandpaper canvas using pastels and charcoal. "Fascinated by the thin line between earth and sky, my artistic expression focuses on geographic habits," Hayek brings the Midwest home to the rest of the world.


Brownie Hayek gathers everlasting artifacts inspired by the four seasons... leaves, twigs, flora, weeds... indigenous to the surrounding prarie and woodlands. She builds wall sculptures, topiaries, centerpieces, and other unique designs for both home and work environments.

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